Letters from Peru

Karen Elizabeth Huselid Foundation

A little over 4 years ago I traveled down to Arequipa Peru to spend some time with my cousin Jim. Jim and his wife Gloria had established a charitable foundation 20 years before and Jim now spends half his time in the States and half in Peru.

Gloria had passed away suddenly a few months before Karen left us and it seemed like a good idea to go down, spend some time with Jim, and see what their foundation was doing. Serving Alto Cayma started with Gloria helping some ladies make Christmas cards and has developed into a comprehensive assistance program assisting with medical care and education and buying food in bulk to distribute so the people that they sponsor so wouldn=t have to pay the exorbitant price charged by the tiny tiendas which are the only places the people have to shop.

While I was there I agreed that the foundation would sponsor four people.  I just learned that Pablo de la Cruz Pinarez Gomez just passed away. Pablo was 90 years old when we first met. He lived with his daughter and loved chocolate which I was happy to supply (as long as I got my share).

I received a number of letters from Pablo over the last few years and have attached his first letter, his initial introduction form and a picture of us taken last year when I was back in Peru.

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