Abigail’s 1st Birthday and a School Supply Drive.

Happy 1st Birthday to the gorgeous Abigail Elizabeth Perdichizzi! Karen’s granddaughter. We used this opportunity to host a school supply drive to benefit Sunshine Acres in Mesa.


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Karen Elizabeth Huselid

KarenHuselidObituaryKaren Elizabeth Huselid passed away peacefully on Wednesday July 10, 2013 from complications related to early onset Alzheimer’s. Karen was born June 28, 1952 in San Gabriel California to Anthony and Ada Louise Troha. She graduated from Bonita High School and the University of Arizona and went on to a 30 year teaching career, the last 17 at Chandler High School.

During her years of teaching she taught everything from social studies and geography to photography and Native American history. She received a grant to study at the Newberry Library in Chicago researching and writing about Apache history. She coached, among others, softball, gymnastics, diving and cheer leading. She traveled to the Ukraine with a group of teachers as part of social studies program and to Japan as part of an exchange program sponsored by the Economic Counsel.

In her last years of teaching she focused on financial planning and International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Economics where her students tested into and received college level credits. She worked with the Close Up Program, helped students at Chandler High earn money over the school year, and traveled with them to Washington DC where they learned how our nation’s government should work and how they could participate in the process.

Karen loved to travel and, in her last few years made it to Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, France and London where she was present for Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday party at Hyde Park. S

She leaves her husband Sevrin, children Riann, Zachary and Carl, son in law David Perdichizzi, grandchildren Nora and Samuel and a granddaughter due in early August of this year. Karen’s focus in life was her family and her students. In the classroom the students she loved most were those who worked hard and made the most of their abilities. Most importantly, she put her family first, foremost and always.

A foundation was set up on her behalf which has given out thousands in scholarships over the last couple years. The emphasis of the scholarships has been not only academics but the ability of the student to overcome hardships in their lives. For information contact KEHF.org.

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Welcome to the Karen Elizabeth Huselid Foundation

The Karen Elizabeth Huselid Foundation was created in honor of Karen Elizabeth Huselid a dedicated teacher, wife, and mother. The goal of the foundation is to promote education on all levels, particularly for students who overcome challenges in achieving their goals and to further research and awareness of brain diseases and injuries.

If you would like to make a donation please use the Paypal link on the left.

We can be reached at KEHFoundation@yahoo.com

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4 Days Until Western States!

I can’t believe that there are only 4 more days until I toe that line in Squaw Valley at 5 am to start the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run!

I want to remind everyone who is thinking about donating just what that donation would be used for: 100% of all donations go to charitable purposes. Your donations will be used to support the KEH Foundation’s High School Scholarship Program, which awards college scholarships to deserving high school seniors at both Chandler High School and Red Mountain High School. Also, your donations will be used to help fund our new Adopt-a-Student Program that we are coordinating with Sunshine Acres in Mesa. This program will help supply younger students with school supplies and other necessities. So please, donate today!

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10 More Days!

Wow, there is now less then two weeks until the Western States 100! All distance training is done and now it is time to taper, plan, and mentally prepare for the race. On Saturday I ran Aravaipa’s Adrenaline 27k night race in the McDowell Mountains to finish up 6 months of training (after two years of getting prepared for this).

Due to injury and illness I did not got as many long runs and therefore overall miles as I had hoped and targeted, but I am in better overall shape than last year and am uninjured (I developed plantar fascitis on my last long run last year). My knee is almost 100% healthy, no pain at all. At this point, it is all mental. Plan everything, be prepared for setbacks and low points, and just keep going!

Huge Thanks to everyone at LSRBT and all my running buddies who helped me get to this point. 10 more days!

The KEH Foundation is still taking donations to help support the KEH Scholarship Program, Sunshine Acres Adopt-a-Student Program, and the Encephalitis Society:

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Maniac May!

With just under 2 months until the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, I am starting to feel the pressure, the pressure to not fail, the pressure to succeed, but mostly the pressure to get the miles in! I’m shooting for 300 miles this month. I’m putting it out there and holding to it. May is going to be one busy month. Maniac May!

Also, I am taking this opportunity to raise some donations for the KEH Foundation and Encephalitis Society. All donations to the KEH foundation go 100% to charitable purposes. Donations shall be used to fund the KEH High School Scholarships and the Adopt-a-Student program providing school supplies and other necessities to K-6 students at Sunshine Acres in Mesa, the San Carlos Apache Reservation, and the Peruvian Andes village of Alto Cayma. #ProjectWS100 #WSER #ManiacMay

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Announcing The Western States 100 Fundraising Project!

In honor of last Saturday’s 1st World Encephalitis Day (I am counted as a survivor), I am proud to announce the 2014 Western States Endurance Run Fundraising Project. Having been fortunate enough to be selected in the lottery to run in “the worlds oldest and most prestigious” 100 mile endurance race on June 28th, I will be using this as an opportunity to support a couple of organizations very close to my heart.


100% of all donations will go to charitable purposes and will be divided between the Karen Elizabeth Huselid Foundation Scholarship Fund or to either Encephalitis Global in the U.S. or the Encephalitis Society in the U.K. Both organizations seek to provide support for encephalitis victims and to spread awareness of these terrible diseases. The KEH scholarships award funds to exceptional Arizona high school students who show great determination in overcoming challenges.

So, yes this means I will be bothering you all intermittently for the next 4 months with training and fundraising updates, so start saving up to donate!

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1st Annual World Encephalitis Day!

Saturday, February 22 has been deemed the 1st Annual World Encephalitis Day. We here at the KEH foundation are happy to support this day and the efforts of Encephalitis Society and Encephalitis Global to spread awareness of this brain disease and to provide support for its victims.


Encephalitis is a swelling in the lining of the brain which can lead to serious consequences, even death. Many survivors are left struggling to maintain any sense of health or normalcy for the rest of there lives. Despite this gravity, encephalitis is so rare that it is often not very well known even among many health professionals. In addition, many survivors feel very isolated and alone as there aren’t many well known support systems. World Encephalitis Day aims to end this isolation. Thanks again to the people at Encephalitis Global and the Encephalitis Society and visit there pages for more information.


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The 100 Mile Challenge

It’s that time of year again! Local high school seniors are graduating and setting their sights on college. Help us to help a few of them achieve this goal through the KEH Scholarship program. The KEH Scholarships go to outstanding students who have overcome challenges while achieving their goals and who plan to continue on to pursue a college degree. We will be selecting students from both Red Mountain and Chandler High School as recipients of this year’s scholarship.

Because of your generosity, last year we were able to award two additional scholarships to outstanding students at Red Mountain! Lets keep it going.

In conjunction with this program, Zachary Huselid is again attempting some absurd endurance challenge in a vain attempt to prove his vitality. This year it is the San Diego 100 on June 8th. If you donate to this cause, you will help remind him at 3:30 in the morning after 73 that yes, he must continue on…for another 27 miles.

Even if you do not want to encourage this kind of irresponsible behavior, then please donate just to help a local Arizona kid get a college degree!

100% of your donation goes toward funding the scholarship program.




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Announcing the 2013 KEH Foundation Scholarhip Program

The KEH Foundation is proud to announce that we will once again be awarding scholarships to outstanding students at both Red Mountain High School and Chandler High School. This scholarship is available to all senior students who plan on continuing their educations.

Any interested student who attends one of these schools should contact their guidance counselor for more information or email us here at KEHFoundation@yahoo.com .

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KEH Foundation Inaugural Event

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